“I love working with May O'Mahoney. She has provided me with stunning copy. She has a positive attitude and always devotes herself to the client’s success. She is on the top of my shortlist for future projects!”

–Ru Policarpio, Creative Director, RU Communications

“You'll immediately discover that May is wonderfully easy to work with and dives into research and understanding of what's appealing to the reader – on every project she works on. What consistently came back from her was nothing short of impressive to me. From a free-formed creative challenge to the grind of a substantial amount of product copy for a catalog, May always delivered and amazed me with her talent to not only consistently create solid copy, but to do something that few can match in our world of short attention spans – she writes to engage and make you want to keep reading more. I'd hire May without question for my next copywriting job.”

–Steven Burns, Creative Director, Carbon2Cobalt


“Catalogs, websites, ad campaigns – I’ve had the great pleasure of working with May on a number of projects for over 14 years. In our world, effective copywriting does more than engage the reader. It creates desire and sells a product. May’s writing consistently delivers.”
-Trevor Pitchford, Editorial Director 


“I love May O'Mahoney's work. She is very creative as well as technically accomplished. She has helped my company and my website in so many ways. I'm always happy with her work; with the process as well as the results. Thank you May for being amazing!”

-Vanessa Isaac, Artistic Director, Owner, Hip Brazil


"I've presented May with subject matter she's never tackled before, and she has jumped in head first with enthusiasm. Never missing a deadline, I know I can rely on her to come through every time."

-Justin Dullum, Editor, Northwest Weekly